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Digital Promise Multimedia Case Studies

At Digital Promise, I led production of a series of multimedia case studies on innovative educational practices in school districts around the country.  For each case study, I managed the production and editing of the written case study, video, and other visual assets, and developed the promotional strategy via social media, press outreach, and email distribution. I also co-produced a short documentary as part of one of the case studies.

Digital Promise multimedia case studies:

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age

Changing a Rural Community’s Expectations Through 24/7 Learning

Investing in Students’ Future from Day One

Innovation Starts in the Classroom

Bridging the Digital Divide for Low-Income Students

Delivery City: An Interactive News Project

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Delivery City

While living in New York City in 2011, my friend Jason Alcorn and I spent six months documenting the lives of employees at a Manhattan pizzeria, as a debate over the city’s bicycle policy erupted into daily newspaper headlines and City Council meetings. The project includes a long-form feature articlea documentary short film, interactive graphics, and other multimedia elements.